Butter Crunch Frozen Yogurt

Healthy has never tasted so good…


I was going to make a yogurt parfait with Somersault’s Dutch Cocoa seed nuggets but I thought to myself, “why take the easy way out? ” I took it one step further. Frozen Greek yogurt. Yup. Little ol’ me did it. On my own. I feel so proud. Let’s talk about how you can be awesome too!

What I used (2 servings)
2 – 5.8 oz Vanilla Greek Yogurt
3 – Spoonfuls of Natural Peanut Butter (or butter of your choice)
About 1/4 Cup Milk (enough to thin out yogurt) – Optional
1 – Teaspoon Vanilla – Optional (you might not need this depending on your sweetness preference)
10 – Pieces Somersault’s Dutch Cocoa
1 – Plastic bag
1 – Bowl

Combine the Yogurt and Milk in the small bowl.

In the plastic bag place the Somersault Nuggets inside. Smash gently with the butter container! (Or any other safe smashing device.)

Pour smashed nuggets in the bowl with the yogurt.

Get your spoonful of -peanut- butter and gently mix. Not too hard/fast. You want some peanut butter rivers in your frozen yogurt.

Here’s where the lame part starts! The waiting. Depending on how cold your freezer is, it could take shorter or longer than me. I had mine in for a little over an hour. If you plan on making extra, or more than a single serving, I would recommend using the ice cream machine drum. This will ensure that it doesn’t completely freeze and you can serve it easier.

Hubby and I shared this bowl and we were reminded of Butterfingers without the tooth clinging center. His words were “You have to blog this. This is good!”

Who knew a decision on a whim would make something so delicious!

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