Day Trippin’ – Taliesin West

You may have heard of this guy.

He is kinda famous.

Who is it?

Frank Lloyd Wright.

Now if you don’t know about him, don’t worry, you will learn a bit today!

He has designed some of the most iconic structures: The Guggenheim Museum in New York City and the Imperial Palace Hotel in Tokyo just to name a few. His most famous building, Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, is the second most recognized residential building after the White House!

But Mom and I visited the house a lot closer to me. In Scottsdale, the Taliesin West house sits nestled into the mountain side. Well I shouldn’t say house, it was originally used as a ‘Winter Retreat’ from the Taliesin located in Wisconsin. We took a 90-minute guided tour of the property and learned so much! If you ever have a chance to take a tour of any of his properties, do so! It is a great part of American Architectural history!

Taliesin Logo

FLlW Office

Mom and I enjoying our day!

Drafting Building

That pretty blue pool wasn’t just for looks, it was for fire suppression. FLlW was afraid of fire! I would be too as the first house, Taliesin, was burnt down 2 times!

These chairs are original 1914 FLlW Designed!

There were no photos allowed inside the main section if the house, due to security problems. Also, that long low main building is the drafting room. We were not allowed in there because this site is actually home to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture! There were actual students working on projects and it was really cool to see. We couldn’t take pictures because obviously they could be working on something that we shouldn’t see blue prints off 😉 Also, I wouldn’t be able to credit their work!

They have a really cool program that is the same (or pretty darn near) to the original school. Pretty awesome!

It was a great ‘staycation’ that we had. Lovely weather, perfect lunch after. Who could ask for anything better?

Have any plans this Presidents weekend? Our high is topping out at 85, so I think I am going to make most of my pool and work on my kitchen!

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  1. SO COOL!! I would love to go!!

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