Funny how things work out

I’ve recently moved into on-base housing and not too long after we started receiving mail for a neighbor down the road. One, two, three…. four times? Okay this postman is crazy!! So I wrote her a letter with the latest batch of mail to let her know I wasn’t a crazy lady leaving mail in her mailbox.

It’s sparked a lovely new acquaintance! Not only does  she have great taste in makeup subscriptions… (I got excited when one day I saw TWO pink envelopes from ipsy on my door, later found out one was hers! Oops!), but she’s crafty as well!

Take a look at this ring made from a vintage spoon! How cool! Below is the picture of the spoon ring:

and also a keychain!

If you’re interested in something from her site, check out her Etsy store by clicking this picture below!

Thank you for the gift Angela! I’m glad the crazy postman introduced us to each other. I hope we may have a coffee date sometime in the future!

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One Response to Funny how things work out

  1. Aww that’s a happy coincidence/accident!!

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