Have you heard of Freeosk?

Freeosk. A kiosk for freebies! It’s like a frugal girls dream machine. These are popping up in places like Sams Club. Ours just got one. It features a new item in the Freeosk every Friday. They look a little like this:

We just happened to be in our local Sams Club to pick up some items for today’s Super Bowl and look what they were sampling! (note: You have to have a Sams Club card to be eligible for a sample)

These are Kleenex’s travel packs that include 10 3ply tissues split up into two pockets filled with 5. They’re super cute and designed with a water resistant cover. The two halves are kept together with a super sticky sticker that re sticks to itself when you’re ready to close it back up.

Inside of the Kleenex Travel Pack

Have you seen these yet? I just think they’re neat! Let me know what’s currently in your Freeosk if you have one!

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2 Responses to Have you heard of Freeosk?

  1. I have not seen these! So cool!!

  2. I know!! Aren’t they neat? I was so excited with my super frugal find that I forgot to snap a picture. I plan on coming back next weekend to see what the freebie is!

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