Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! It will be here before you know it. Do you know what you’re wearing yet? No? It’s an excuse to dress up! You could be going out on a hot first date or even just hanging out with the girls. You still want to look your best! The colors of Valentine’s Day are centered around pink and red. Voluptuous and flirty, these colors bring out the girly in everyone. Even me! I put together these looks with Polyvore in the hopes it inspires you to find something in your closet and play dress up!

A romantic date night with hubby? First night out with a new beau? Check out this look. Smokey eye, messy hair, accents of red. You will feel fierce in an outfit like this!

Valentine's Day
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Want to go out for a nice dinner but the weather is a little chilly? Don’t feel like you have to bundle up without style! Choose knee high boots to protect your legs from the cold and a pencil skirt to hug your curves. If you think you’ll still be cold add black or sheer tights for an extra layer to the winter’s chill.

Colder Weather Valentine's Day
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Don’t have a significant other? No problem! Get comfy with this look and find some girls and have the best anti-Valentine’s day ever! Watch super cheesey comedies and buy some magazines like Cosmo and Elle to share Fashion and Gossip tips!

Hanging with the Girls
Click images below if you’d like to see where to buy!

Dear hubby plans on taking me to a local restaurant for live Jazz music. I’m excited… now just to find out what to wear!! Good thing I have a few more weeks to figure it out!

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