Winter Storm Hits East Coast

Last night Winter Storm Leon hit the coast of the Carolina’s with a vengeance. Sleet and freezing rain started about 4:30 and continued on until 9:30 when snow finally started. It continued through the night and finished in the early hours of the morning. Accumulating about 6″ of snow in less than 12 hours! Right now I am at home, safe and warm, but there are many people stranded or without a place to crash! If you’re in the area and see someone needing help, (and you are able), think of them and do what you can!

I worked from home today but was able to take a break to get outside and show you pictures from this morning’s venture out into the freezing wonderland. I joked earlier with Stephanie that she should visit! Hah, she didn’t think it was that funny. Enjoy the picture dump from this morning!

It’s our first official snow picture together as a married couple! 😀

Our poor house looks so cold, but beautiful at the same time.

Check out my Instagram for more fun pictures and video of the snow today!

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One Response to Winter Storm Hits East Coast

  1. Awww I’m sorry it hit there!! Stay warm!!

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