January Favorites – East Coast

1. Pantene Pro-V [Nature Fusion] Conditioner with Avocado Oil
I have been horrible with hair products like conditioner. Horrible as in I rarely ever use them. Not anymore! I’ve been using this consistantly since finding in my little haul from Walgreens. You would think I would be in love with the price $1.50… While that’s a factor it’s still definitely a good product! Click here to purchase.

2. LC Lauren Conrad [Gold] Tone Slide Pendant
I can’t find this anywhere online. I actually have this Lauren Conrad necklace in a gold tone. Maybe it was from another one of Kohl’s designers but I’m pretty positive it was LC. Either way it looks like this but a soft gold color. I wear it as often as possible. It dresses up a plain tshirt or accents the neckline with a dressier outfit. Shout out to my mom for this Christmas gift! I’ve just been wearing it a lot this month. 🙂 Click here .

3. Somersault Snack Co. – Pacific Sea Salt Nuggets
In an effort to start drinking and eating healthier this year I’ve reached out of my normal comfort zone to new items. Included in those new items is this delicious snack! It boasts that it was Vegan friendly, made with no GMOs, and the same amount of fiber as an apple with 92% less sugar. They’re salty like their namesake and keep me from wanting to grab for those potato chips! Click here .

4. TOO FACED – Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer
Part of my new face routine for 2014. Taking advantage of the benefits of primer! As I said in a recent video it makes your face feel like butter! My current favorite is TOO FACED’d Primed & Poreless. It’s a neutral skin colored primer that soaks in quickly, and I need that, so I can get out of the door and to work on time! Click here .

5. Breaking Bad via Netflix
My husband got me hooked on this show. We’ve been sort of marathoning it. Well… marathoning it as much as you can working full time and only having 3-4 hours to yourself at night. It’s written well and the actors act their hearts out. I find that each character makes me fall in a love/hate game with them and that makes it an interesting watch!

Have you ever marathoned a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime?

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