My Favorite Things – January

Guys. January is almost over.

Wh-When did that happen?

Valentine’s Day is coming up now! I personally love how fast time is going!

But I digress. Since January is almost over, you know what that means: Monthly Favorites! These are items that I have been reaching for this month. Beauty, food, and entertainment.

1. Frozen (Soundtrack and Movie). Guys, if you have not seen this movie, go. NOW! Besides having IDINA MENZEL and KRISTEN BELL singing leads, it is a really feel good story. I am sure you know that it won the award for Best Animated Film at this year’s Golden Globes. It’s up for Best Song at the Oscars for “Let It Go” (one of my favorites), and it is even getting a Broadway adaptation! While I know Idina won’t be performing for the Broadway version, it would be cool if she made a cameo. My favorite song is probably “First Time in Forever”. I really like the sneak peek of “Let It Go” that she sings towards the end. And I totally said something not nice, OUT LOUD, IN A ROOM FULL OF CHILDREN, you know what part I am talking about!

2. L’oreal Telescopic Liquid Liner-Felt Tip. I love this eye liner. I was out for probably 3 months, just because I was too lazy to purchase another one. Well once I got it again, I remembered why I need this in my life! The felt tip places the liner just were I want it, and on me. It doesn’t smudge all day! Bonus: it comes off easily with warm water and my number 3 product!

3. Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Make Up Remover. I had been using the Clean and Clear Morning Burst line for about a week and I was noticing I was breaking out. A lot. I am blessed to have pretty controlled skin, and though it can get oily, I rarely break out to the degree that I did with the Clean and Clear. So much for the name, eh? I was talking to Lauren about it and she suggested I try something more natural, with no fragrance or colors that could agitate my skin. I was going to go with Aveeno, since that is a brand I know does well with natural ingredients, but I saw this and the packaging caught my eye. #noshame. I have been using this every night for the past 3 weeks and most of my marks have cleared up! The lovely green apple scent doesn’t irritate either!

4. Angie’s Sweetly White Cheddar Kettle Corn. This is a recent favorite. Like, I bought the bag a few days ago and it’s already gone! I got this one at Sprouts while I was getting some items and I wanted a quick snack. There were tons of other flavors but my boss at work gets the White Cheddar kind of another brand and I had been craving them. While I didn’t taste it at first, they do really have a delightful sweet cheddar taste to them. Loads of flavor that had me happily munching on them. These will definitely will be placed back into my cart the next shopping round. Maybe 2…or 3 bags. You know, to be safe.

Those are my standouts for this month! I hope you enjoyed them. Someone else please tell me I am not alone in my obsession with Frozen. Did you see Rapunzel and Eugene going into Arendelle? Love it!

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