Fashion … I guess?

Have you ever been out and about shopping, looked at something, something that caught your eye for the wrong reason… and wondered…. Really? Someone BUYS that?

I present to you: Chicken Purse.

What…. ….Why?….. WHO? Who honestly buys this and sets foot out the door thinking. Dayum, I look fine today. I’ve got mother hen in style.” I’m pretty sure I’ve scared my husband by laughing manically at just how horrendous some things offered on the internet truly are. (image linked to where I found it. Please consider getting fashion help before seriously purchasing these for your wardrobe! ;D)

$44.99 retail people. Get your checkbooks ready!!! Even on sale $20 makes me chuckle. Okay so maybe you’ve got a farm themed costume party coming up? I’ll let that slide. I can’t tell though, if the reviews are honest old hens or I’m being made victim of another internet facade. Either way. This bag cracks me up.

Found anything like this on the internet that makes you say… “Whaaaa?….

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