e.l.f. Coffee Break

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They’re flash sales that go up on the site for different mixtures of product. They’re usually pretty good and I’ve been watching them. They had been containing items from their older line but this coffee sale today had all items from their new line!

These are items that haven’t been released to Target (at least in my area). They still have the old stock on the shelf! What a great deal. Stephanie and I actually messaged each other about the deal at the same time! Can you say related? I love that we can share a makeup passion with each other even across the miles. Stephanie also mentioned that if you add at least $35 you can get free shipping! On TOP of that you can use a single coupon code because the coffee break deal doesn’t count as a coupon code. We used “GET50” for 50% our additional items. This made our 17-18 piece order of $35.00 average out to about $2.00 a piece!

What a great deal!

I’m excited to try the foundation and HD mattifying powder. Also I’ve heard that the moisture setting mist is a dupe for MAC’s Fix + Spray.

I’m excited to share our un-boxings with you!! I’m hoping for this weekend but maybe next week. 🙂

Preview of a short silent video coming soon!

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