Several months ago I had enough points on my Sephora Insider Beauty Card to get a 100 point product. (After at least 100 points you can trade your points in for a delux/mini sample from their current runnings.) They change from week to week so if you don’t like something, hoard your points and save them for something you DO want. I had these points for a while… I never really saw anything I wanted to spend them on. Primers I had already tried in smaller samples, perfume that didn’t interest me, or lip products I wouldn’t use that much. Until one fine day they had this…

Kat Von D’s Tattoo Felt Tip Eyeliner in Trooper (Black) – $18.00

I was in love. It has a fine tip that can get into nooks and crannies. It’s strong so I don’t have to feel dainty or that I might break the fibers. It glides on well or push/pats on if I want to take more time. The actual felt tip itself is long (I thought it might look more like a sharpie) and comes to the smallest point. The formula is ink like, true to it’s inspiration, and dries quickly. It is however blendable! A smudge brush used quickly after application can create a great smokey look. It claims to be a waterproof eyeliner but I found that a moist finger (not dripping wet) padded over the lined area bled quickly. After all those positives, the only other negative for my frugal budget, was the price. Currently $18.00. A bit more than I wanted to pay for an eyeliner considering I barely pay that much for anything else I buy.

I was on the hunt for something more cost effective.

This last weekend I came across some Covergirl cosmetics that I hadn’t heard of. I pick up the packaging and go, “Hmmm…”. It looks awfully familiar in size to the mini Kat Von D I have. I look at the description of the product, “Our long-lasting liquid liner formula will get you noticed hour after hour. Use with LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara for a total look that lasts up to 24 hours!”. It also says that it will: Last up to 24 hours, Creates precise lines from bold to fine, Suitable for sensitive eyes. All if which I wanted/needed in an liquid eyeliner now that my Kat Von D was on it’s way out…. and I didn’t want to pay $18….

COVERGIRL LineBlast 24 Hour Eyeliner – $7.98

My local Walmart was selling this for $6.97. That’s a $11 savings from Kat Von D. Might not seem like a lot to some people, but to some people it might be a lot! And easier to find, too. I know I live 50+ miles from the nearest Ulta/Sephora and I don’t like having to pay for shipping because my order never rarely ever hits $50+. Anyways, this product feels to me like the same formula. It came out effortlessly from the felt tip marker to my skin. I did notice it was a little bit thicker tipped (takes some getting used to if you had Kat Von D’s before), but it’s actually a benefit when using it on it’s side. This makes angled applying much easier. You also have to shake this eyeliner marker to make sure the product gets to the end. With Kat Von D it seems to be “What you get is what you get” and the cap keeps a seal around the tip to keep air from drying it out. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but it reacted the same way during the moist finger rub.

Overall Impressions:

* Kat Von D has a thinner tipped marker vs Covergirl’s thicker tipped marker
* Kat Von D claims to be waterproof and Covergirl doesn’t, but they react the same
* Covergirl is cheaper at ~$8 vs Kat Von D at ~$18
* I really would only choose Covergirl because of the price.
* I don’t see a major difference that makes one compeltely blow the other away.

I hope you found this dupe helpful in your quest for the perfect liquid eyeliner felt tip marker!

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10 Responses to DUPE ALERT

  1. jacbianc says:

    even cheaper try nyx brand, i’m obsessed. they have a thick and a thin felt tip liner. i absolutely love it!! try it sometime! ullta has it

  2. NYX is sold at our Target now! SO much easier than me trying to make a trip to Ulta. I did purchase it before Christmas time and the one I picked up must’ve been old because it was so dry! No amount of shaking or tipping seemed to make any product come out. Maybe next time I’m in the market for one I’ll give them a try.. I was excited to see their price too ($4.99 I think??) ❤ ~ Lauren (East Coast)

  3. Good review!! And good to know- can’t beat the price of the lower cost one!!

  4. Always good to save $$$

  5. Anonymous says:

    I Have found that the Maybelline Master Precise in waterproof Black is also a great Dupe.

  6. Hilley says:

    The Kat Von D Tattoo liner isn’t a felt tip. It’s a brush.

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