East Coast: Friday Finds 1/17/14

Stephanie did a post a few days back and called it Friday Finds. I loved it! So I decided to do my own. Granted I didn’t picked these up today, but their my finds of the week that I’m really enjoying.

Last weekend I went out shopping with my girlfriend Bre and hit up our local Outlet Mall. There’s this place in North and South Carolina call JR Cigar.  It’s the holy grail for good deals. Clothes, makeup, perfume, kitchen items, gifts, all kinds of randon nick-nacks.

The day I went with my girlfriend it was beautiful in the morning, then turned to rainy nasty, then turned really nasty…. so bad it turned into tornado warnings. WARNINGS!!! Wikipedia explains; “It can be issued after a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted by eye, or more commonly if there are radar indications of tornado formation.” DANG. Anyways, this deals were worth it.

Sally Hansen Softening Callus Foot Spray

I’m not proud to admit that I have severely neglected my feet. Toe polish chipped, dried… just sad. I’ll spare you more details. I decided the theme of this year was “New Year, New You” and I was going to take care of things that were bothering me. My feet are a problem that needs fixing! I must say Sally Hansen did a great job. My feet after almost a week of using this feel much, MUCH better. I no longer catch on the sheets or scratch myself putting on socks! Highly recommended. I snagged this for $2 but I’ve found some as cheap as $5 shipped on Amazon. Look here.

Later during the weekend hubby and I went to my other favorite place to shop. TJ Maxx. Love it. BONUS: Did you know you can shop TJ Maxx online now?! Look here. Anyways. I wasn’t getting any luck in the clothes department so I went over to the beauty department. A few OPI nailpolishes, but they looked like some I had, and a few hair brushes and hot irons… nothing really called to me. Then I moved over to the face products. I have been annoyed with how droopy my eyes have gotten. Whether it be stress, nutrition, not enough water, I have no idea, but they’re so sad looking. I bought the below product hoping it would do as it said.


After cleansing, gently massage into the skin with fingertips, concentrating on areas prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

So far it’s worked! I notice I see more of my eyelid behind my lashes and the dark circles are leaving. It might just be from the hydration, but apparently that’s what my skin needed! I definitely recommend this product. Their website post something similar for $39.95. I’ve seen it places for $14.95 and I snagged this for $5.99! Love a fashionista deal like this.

Lanocrème Firming Eye Serum – 30ml / 1floz

Did you find something new this week to start your New Year off right? Do Share!

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One Response to East Coast: Friday Finds 1/17/14

  1. Pearlsnheels says:

    ooo great post! I should definitely try the Sally Hansen product, my feet get kind of scary being a waitress! :p

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