Deal Alert: Target

Say what you will about Targets latest drama, I still love shopping there. The home selections have been on point. The newest collection is cork+white+teal/navy and it is glorious. I really went to Target to see what was new and found a pretty good deal!

Method Hand+Cleaners are 3/$8.00 and there was a 10% Cartwheel on top too!

Got Glass+Surface, All-Purpose and AntiBac. Final Cost: $2.40 each!

Also picked up the Wood cleaner version, (not a part of the sale, but still 10% off!)

Also, the Christmas clearance was 70%, and it included some home decor items that you can use year round!

Got all three for $15, retail $50.


See anything good this weekend?

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One Response to Deal Alert: Target

  1. brandihart says:

    Great finds! I love their clearance section! You can always find great stuff on sale 🙂

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