First Impression Friday: Olay Fresh Effects

Hey guys!

Here for another installment of First Impression Fridays! I know I missed last weeks….shhhhh..

For todays FIF I picked up the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid set.

The concept is just like the Clarisonic Mia’s, or any of the handheld face wash assist-ers that have flooded the market. I was picking between this one and the Neutrogena Wave. This one won out because you use your own face wash, and it just helps get your face cleaner. I did not like the idea of having to re-buy the pads just to wash my face!

This also came with a little face cleaner called Shine Shine Go Away, so it was a nice added bonus.

The device is definitely smaller than what I was imagining, but it does its job. As an added bonus, you can bring it into the shower with you! Something that I didn’t even know I wanted to do until it said so. Just don’t leave it submerged was its only warning.

Verdict: It definitely eased my entry into the handheld face washers and after the first use, my skin really did feel smoother. And for $10 after a coupon, the price won’t hurt the wallet either!

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3 Responses to First Impression Friday: Olay Fresh Effects

  1. Hi! What do the bristles feel like? I tried the Garnier one, it wasn’t electric or motorized, but it had a brush thingie. And I HATED how the bristles felt. Gummy and weird HAHA.


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