East Coast: December 2013 Favorites

Stephanie did her December favorites and I had to do my own! A few of these are new additions from the holidays, but I have been using them a LOT since receiving them. To quote a Disney movie: “Let’s get down to business!”..

#1 eos – Evolution of Smooth: Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Medicated Tangerine
I didn’t want to believe the hype on this lip balm at first. I saw it about a year ago and didn’t think twice about it. Mostly because as dry as my lips are all the time, I can’t find myself reaching for a lip balm. Boy this changed my mind! It isn’t heavily scented with tangerine, but there’s enough to know it’s there. It’s also not medicated in a way that makes your lips tingle or burn. I’ve had that experience in the past. I think I’ve found a lip balm I can use for more than a week before losing it!

#2 Bath and Body Works – Paris Amour Shower Gel
I’ve been a fan of Bath and Body Works for a long time and I’ve recently hit up the outlets for discounted shower gel. I found this scent on a whim (75% off holla!) and was excited to like it. You may not know, but I have an obsession with Paris. I traveled to Paris when I was in High School and loved it. It is beautiful! I’m glad the scent smells so good because it reminds me of that trip!

#3 Kashi – GOLEAN Cereal
I need fiber in my diet. I admittedly don’t get enough of it. This helps! It does as it says. Keeps me full and tastes great. Loving the fact that it has 13g protein and 10g whole grains. The lower sodium and fat grams help too! Check out the link for more information. Combine this with greek yogurt and you have a protein rich breakfast!

#4 Too Faced – Beauty Blogger Collection
I got this for Christmas from my sweet hubby! He knows exactly what I like! The bronzer ACTUALLY WORKS FOR MY SKIN TONE! YAY! The primer and eye shadow primer are silky smooth. The travel mascara is perfect and it is in my purse! I love that all 4 things are something I could use everyday and have since I got them for Christmas!

What was some of your beauty/fitness/fashion faves of 2013? Did you make New Years Resolutions/Goals?

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