And Then There Were Cabinet…

…boxes at least.

Over the past few days I have finally been energized to start working on my kitchen! I had the two cabinets already up from ReStore, but it was proving difficult to find the last three that I needed to fill the upper space. I had thought about ordering the unfinished boxes from Lowes at $88 a piece, but I knew that I could make all three for less!

Here is how I started out.

I went and measured the cabinets VERY carefully. As I couldn’t find a pre-made plan, I had to create one myself.

Side note: Props to furniture makers because this was really hard!

Once I had the final measurements I needed, I went ahead and subtracted the width of the boards that I planned on using. Now, I am no math major, but you have to remember that even though you are using a 1×3 piece of lumber, it is actually .75 x 2.5. Taking that into account I created this little sketch.

Then came the cutting. Since I don’t own (yet) a table saw all of my pieces were cut by jigsaw. Now you can get really straight cuts with a jigsaw over short distances, but with my longer cuts some of them were a little wobbly. That is what sand paper was for; to smooth those humps. It definitely made extra work for me, but that’s alright.

Fun little side story: I started working these on Christmas Eve, and I then realized I needed one more sheet of plywood to make the last box. Since Big Blue was closed on Christmas, I had to wait until the 26th. Now, I have a CR-V which has a pretty decent back trunk. I measured diagonally to make sure I could get my pieces cut. I got them cut to 47″ x 48″ keeping them as square as possible. I got them all into the car, but,






Seriously. Like I couldn’t get the right angle again to get them out! It was horrible. I had to get my jigsaw and cut them out of my car! So I’m in my car, sawdust everywhere, trying to get these things out and as intact as possible. I left the house at 0745 and didn’t get them all out of the car until 1030. I wish that I took a picture of the back of my car!


So I had them cut out…

and assembled.

Why, it’s starting to look like a cabinet! I did end up making a small error though, I had forgotten to subtract the width of the back piece, so I ended up having to cut 1/2″ off the front to make up for it. I at least realized this before I tried to lug the beast up and on top of the existing cabinets.

And placed in its spot!

Well, there is one down, and two more to go! I had originally made the one on the end first (bad idea) and it did not turn out as clean. There is definitely something to say about a learning curve!

But I feel like I am off to a great start, it has been really nice waking up earlier in the morning knowing that I am going to build stuff! It also doubles as a work out too, my arms and thighs were burning after Day 1.

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One Response to And Then There Were Cabinet…

  1. You are AMAZING! You made it work!!

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