99 Cent Store Shopping Trip: 12/18

Hey there guys! Just wanted to share some great deals I found today at the 99c Store! They had TONS of Christmas decorations still, I think they were from Walmart last year as the packaging looked similar. Lots of glitter everywhere! Lets see what I picked up:

99c store

1. Cambell’s Go Soup in Golden Lentil

2.Cranberry Coast Dried Cranberries

3. Kraft Recipe Makers -Asian Fish Tacos

4. Mio Fit Water Enhancer- Artic Grape

5. Quaker Real Medlys Fruit Bars, 5 ct.

6. Lipton Tea & Honey Flavor packets

7. Chobani Vanilla Flip Yogurt

8. Speaker Amplifier for iPhone


Most of these items are going to Christian in a care package, but I love finding name brands like this at the 99C Store! They also had lots of tube socks, Princess cookies and Organic Lettuce in the produce section!


Also stopped by Target and they had a lot of Christmas lights on sale! Threshold, Targets new home line, also had 50% Clearance for their holiday items. I got 2 big mercury glass hurricanes for under $10! Sweet!


Any deals you found this week? I am getting all my work gifts together, I am so glad I work in a small office!

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