Beauty Box 5- December

I love these boxes! They are so much fun knowing you are getting new make up in the mail every month! This month was themed ‘Naughty and Nice’ and all about kicking old conventions to the curb and being your own woman! Let’s check this month out:

Upon Opening



NYX Cosmetics Love in Rio Trio in Bossa Nova. This was what the sneak peek product was this month! There were 3 different palettes to get and I am so glad I got this one! This is a really pretty green-gold palette. My senior prom dress was similar to the middle color.

NYX Love in Rio-Bossa Nova


Body Drench Daily Moisterizing Lotion in Sugar Cane. When I opened it up to smell it I didn’t get a very strong ‘sugar’ smell, which I was very glad for. When applied to the body though, you smell like cookies and ice cream. I kid you not. The smell dissipates pretty fast from what I could tell though. It did moisturizer me well though!


Ofra Cosmetics Lipgloss Plumper in Sultry. Just in time for the winter are berry hued lips! I love this time of year! But beware, this is one of those ‘snake vemon’ type lip plumpers. The ones that make your lips tingle. I like to think that I was blessed with full enough lips so these products never attracted me. When I first applied it I was really excited because the color is spot on, and there was little tingles, I was thinking ‘alright, I can deal with this’. Then like, 3 minutes of the product on, my lip line started to get red and sensitive. I wiped it off, and could tell a noticeable ‘puffiness’ to my lips. Even the swatch on my hand started to tingle! I probably wont reuse this product, but if you have thin lips then I would try it!


Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel moisturizer. I was super stoked to see this product as I have been looking for a new moisturizer. The only negative for me is the scent: Cucumber Melon. I can’t stand the scent, weird I know. But its only really strong out of the tube. On your skin its non-existent. It soaks in really fast and made my combo skin feel regular. Totally going to buy the full size of this one!


Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother. I’ll admit. When I saw this pink thing in the box I thought it was a beauty sponge and I was SUPER excited for that. But, at least I can say that I am pretty happy with what this is anyways. I have a frosted glass file in the shower that I use on the bottoms of my feet. It sounds weird but its like a giant glass nail file that is frosted (sand blasted?) and you use it like a pumice stone. I am going to be excited to try this once flip-flop weather comes around…in like, a month.



NYX Love in Rio in Bossa Nova, one. Value: $6.00

Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion in Sugar Cane, 2 fl oz. Value: $1.06

Ofra Cosmetics Lipgloss Plumper in Sultry, 10 ml. Value: $ 12.95

Clean & Clear morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, .5 fl oz. Value: $1.16

Every Beauty flexible Foot Smoother, one. Value: $4.99

Total Value: $26.16!

While not the highest value out of the past boxes, it is a box that I will use almost everything in it! Can’t wait to do a tutorial with the NYX palette.

Got your box(es) yet? Chilly where you are? AZ was in a freeze warning! 29 degrees in the morning, nothing compared to others negative but still REALLY cold for us sun lovers!


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