Lauren’s Thanksgiving Recap

Hey guys! I’m back! I had the most wonderful vacation visiting my parents in Oklahoma. I guess I should get off hiatus now and back to posting! I wanted to share with you a few memories, a recipe, and some finds from my trip!

Thanksgiving break isn’t complete without food. Lots and lots of delicious food!! Let me tell you there wasn’t a shortage of that. Mom and Dad made sure we were always plenty full. That in itself is something to be thankful for.  Take a look into our menu of the day. My mom did most of the work ahead a time, and even more so on Thanksgiving day. We wouldn’t have had such a wonderful meal if it wasn’t for her. Can anyone else stomach the gibblets in the turkey? Ugh, I can’t.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a Cranberry salad. I remember helping with this when I was younger. If you are a cranberry fan and enjoy cold sweets then continue on!

Dad’s Famous Cranberry Salad


* Cranberries*
* Seedless Grapes*
* Chopped Pecan or Pecan Pralines*
* Mini Marshmallows*
* Cool Whip*
* Sugar*

1. Use your food processor and chop cranberries until your preferred consistancy. I recommend slightly chunky vs puree but that’s up to you. Combine with sugar to make something that looks like this. (BONUS: Let this sit overnight so the juices from the cranberries can marinate with the sugar)

2. Slice a group of seedless grapes in half.
3. Finely chop about 1 Cup of Pecans

Combined Halved-Grapes and Chopped Pecans

4. Combine Cranberries, Pecans, and Grapes together in a large bowl.

When you’re ready to serve soon add the following:

5. About 2 cups of Mini Marshmallows

6. One container of Cool Whip

Let this sit in the refrigerator for an hour if you can, so it can get good and cold. I can’t help but sample a spoonful on the way to the fridge. It’s a perfect holiday salad that I plan on making for Christmas at my husband’s family’s house.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving as most of my family was in Houston for the get together there. I wanted to go and see everyone, but time was tight and so was money. Staying at my parents house and making sure Grandma wasn’t alone for the holiday seemed like a fair trade. I did get to see some cousins, Aunts and Uncles. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but there were many laughs and memories made at the table over dinners!

A Few Finds

New Beers
My Dad is always finding something delicious when it comes to the beer department. JP and I had tried a Kolsh at a local restaurant but the piece de resistance came at the end of the trip when my Dad pulled out a German beer called EKU. This baby is 28proof (14% alcohol! – To give you an idea a Bud Light has roughly 4%). Needless to say JP and Dad were happy after one beer, let alone the half the split of the last one.

Shocktop came out with a new sixpack that I haven’t tried yet, but looked interesting. Have you seen this yet?

I’m guessing you’ll need a really big glass as the box implies you’re supposed to combine them. Shock Top – Choc Top. Cute. I like it. Belgian White and Chocolate Wheat. Could be interesting!

20 days until Christmas y’all!

From our Family to Yours. I hope your holiday season is filling up with joy that will stay in your hearts for the year to come!

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