DIY Ribbon Wreath

Hope everyone has survived the weekend shopping extravaganza! Part of my hunt was looking for a Christmas wreath that was not a). green or b). over $50. Since my door is a blackish color, the greens of the regular wreaths tends to blend into the background.

I started looking at the white garlands as that would be the most contrast, but a lot of the silver/white options were not to my liking. As I looked over to the wall of ribbons at Michaels, all the burlap ribbon jumped out at me! They had so many variations and prints, the wall itself was awesome.

I grabbed 4 different wired ribbons, a metal wreath form and went home happy with ideas forming.

This really became a trial and error as the first few go arounds I tried to secure it a lot to the frame. I then found out that the ribbons will hold their forms after a few rows done, so less securing was required. On to the tutorial!

Gather your supplies:

24″ wire wreath frame (Biggest one they had)

3 – 4″ x 25ft Ribbon Spools

1 – 2″ x 25ft Ribbon Spool

Floral Wire (not needed really)

I am going to suggest if you want the big loopy looking wreaths then to get maybe 5-6 of the 4″ ribbon. I used all 25 ft for my wreath!

As I said above the first color (red) I secured the ends with the floral wire so they wouldn’t move, which created some problems latter on as I was ‘fluffing’.

Then wrap

I found it easiest as I got used to the motion to use my hand as a good loop size. Keep on looping!

First color, DONE!

Second ribbon going through. I wove this one in between the red in the same manner. If you can’t read it, is says ‘Happy Holidays’ and it was the ribbon that caught my eye at the store!

Keep adding the other colors of your choosing.

End Result

Ahh! I am so excited! You can see it so well from the street. It seems a bit emptier in the middle then planned so I am going to look for some sort of pick or other holiday item that I can set in it.

The greatest part of this is that you can do this for ANY holiday! I know I don’t have a spring time wreath so I will probably do one again come spring time!



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  1. I always wondered what people did with those wreaths!! Looks good!

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