Kitchen: The Beginnings

As I said, my home is a new build, and I am very blessed to be able to have the chance at such a young age to own a home. That being said, I needed to make it my own and take it out of builder basic.

Layout of the house.

Here is my kitchen before we even moved in!

There is a breakfast bar above the sink and it is a great place to put buffet items!

A year later (and after some appliances):

DSC_0027 DSC_0026 DSC_0025And sorry guys, this is a real life blog and you get real life pictures!

Oh hello, cell phone picture… real life. Here is the kitchen currently with the two sections of uppers. As you can see I still have 3 more full, 36″ cabinets to find and put up before the deglossing and prep work begins. This is going to take a while I can tell…

I am going to stop buy ReStore again this weekend and see if they got anymore uppers in stock.


p.s. Anybody get great Back Friday deals? While I was supposed to be off, I volunteered to work at another location. The 0330-1200 shift was super fun, mainly because it was busy non stop that I didn’t have time to stand idle! The best thing people were bringing up were wireless printers for $30, reg $100! Of course, they were all gone after I got off work, oh well. Anyone venturing out for round two on Saturday?



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