November Re-Buys

Lauren had a great post idea so I am going to steal it!

Not a whole lot of repurchases this month, but I did pick up some of my staple items that I hit pan on.

1. L’oreal Voluminous Mascara-Original

I normally don’t buy the same thing twice, not because I am dissatisfied with the product I just want to try something new. This mascara I have re bought twice now. It, by far, makes my lashes look lush and natural looking. I always go for the Carbon Black color and I have never had the water proof one. I think in the beginning the formula is a bit ‘wet’ but as you use it and air gets in the tube and dries it a bit it is perfect.

2. Revlon Brow Fantasy in Blonde

Between this and my NYX palette, my brows are always on point. I love to take this traveling because both ends have caps. The color is the perfect color for my brows. I just love it. I tend to run out of the pencil before the gel, and I heard you can take the stub out and put a new pencil in, but I haven’t tried that yet.

3. Apple Cinnamon Candles

I actually can not stand this scent. ‘Well Stephanie,’ you may ask, ‘why do you buy it?’ Answer: It is the most potent smell that helps my laundry room not smell like cats, ifyouknowwhatimean. Mom got me this broom thing that live on top of the cabinets that smells like it and coupled with the candle it smells strong, but I would rather smell that then cat.

4. Quick Shine Floor Finish

I have laminate floors and while they stand up great to my dog, they tend to get dull. This stuff is by far the only product that I have tried that makes your floors SHINE. I was amazed at what it could do. One bottle can shine my whole area which is well over 900 SqFt. Now if only I could find a great floor cleaner too..

That’s what I have repurchased this month, what about you?


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