Tokyo Day 6-Last Day

On our final day in Tokyo we tried to sleep in. And by that we woke up at 630 and were out of the hotel by 800.

This day was Nerd Day. All that is good and nerdy in Tokyo we tried to visit. We actually started off the day visiting Harijuku and the Meji shrine because nothing opens until 10.

Harijuku is a major shopping destination and people from every part of the globe come here to shop. Now, I can’t say if it was like the song, because everything was still closed, but from the outside there looked to be some cool going ons.

So we walked across the street to the Meji Shrine. This shrine was dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his beloved Empress Shōken for all the help they gave during the Meiji Restoration. The original shrine was destroyed durring WWII, and was rebuilt in 1958. We participated in the washing of the hands and mouth before entering. The grounds surrounding the main shrine were very lush and forest like. There was an iris garden in honor of Empress Shōken, too.

We STILL had time to kill before ARTNIA opened, so we visited the Tsukiji Fish Market. Now, this is a place of work and not a tourist destination. I didn’t want to get run over because I was snapping some photos, so here are some quick ones of the stalls. We ate some really good sushi there too!

Yup. That’s all I got.

We then ventured on over to ARTNIA, which is the Square Enix cafe. That was an adventure itself to find. Although the guard gave us very good directions, we just can’t follow anything.

Ordered a ‘potion’ and a ‘hi-potion’ for drinks.

got Moogle pancakes:

and got this awesome dessert with Cloud’s sword in chocolate!

We then mosied on down to Pokemon Center Tokyo

No photos allowed inside, Boo. Then we walked to the Sony Building, ate again in the first authentic British Pub in Tokyo, and walked the showroom floor(s).

I am a super bad blogger, but we actually went to the Tokyo Tower the third night. That’s why I have to write all this down! So I won’t forget.

We ended the day by going to Shibuya Crossing, the busiest cross walk in the world. All traffic stops so all pedestrians go at once. It took us 30 seconds to walk across it!

We shopped a bit there, and by then we were both tired! Time to go back to the hotel and pack up!

Thanks for coming with me on this vacation! I know it was picture heavy, but that’s what vacations are about, making memories!

Have any travel plans of your own? International? Domestic? How about your dream vacay?

Tell me below!!


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