Tokyo Day 5 – Walk With Me!

Day 5 ended up being the best weather of the whole week. Full sunshine and a slight breeze, it was like the day before’s rain never happened! Good thing too, because most of our walking for this day was outside!

After waking up and out the door by 630, mainly to miss morning traffic into Tokyo, we made our train transfers and ended up in Kokusaitenjijo Station. This was one of the starting locations for another ’90 minute guided walk’ from our book. This walk was more focused on the architecture and surrounding pop culture of the neighborhood.

The first thing you see is Tokyo Big Sight, which is a giant convention center. It looks like it shouldn’t be able to stand up, but the architecture on it is like an optical illusion. The sun was just at the annoying spot to get a really great picture, so I only could grab this one as we were walking over the bridge.

Tokyo Big Sight

They had some modern art sculptures in the courtyard, this one was my favorite. It is called Saw, Sawing
and there was a hole cut into the ground to really make it look like it was sawing. I think they should have put some flowers in the box! So cute! We had some fun with this one, I am sure the business people were just thinking ‘tourists’.

As we walked along the riverfront we found signs for Palette Town. Now, Christian got rather excited because Pallet Town is THE town in Pokemon. Or Ash’s hometown…not really sure.

They had this really big, rainbow ferris wheel out front, some of the cages were even see-through! Very London Eye. Only got a shot head on though.

That cylindrical building to the right was actually to Toyota Showroom complete with racing track! Sadly, only Japanese Drivers Licenses were excepted otherwise I would have gone racing!

Most of the shops and things were still closed, most of Tokyo doesn’t even open until 9 or 10. So if you get an early start prepare to wander a bit.

As we made our way out of Palette Town, this giant building loomed ahead and I knew I wanted to see what was over there!

That is the Fuji TV station, kind of like an NBC or CBS Headquarters. The big sphere in the upper right is actually and observatory that the general population can go up in. Funny story: Christian was in control of the camera for most of the day and as we were walking I said,’ Honey make sure you get a photo of the building with all the squares!’ I went through the photos before we left the area and he took a picture of the generic skyscraper next to it…So I snapped this one. Love you babe! Anyways..

Boy, was I ever so glad that we went this direction because we turned the corner and BAM:

GIANT GUNDAM! So cool. There was a little cafe shop to the right as well that sold models and such.

We totally went in the shopping mall too, just to see what it was like. (Very American :/ )

As we rounded the corner, we came upon this little beauty…

That’s Rainbow Bridge with a peek at Tokyo Tower in the background. You can see that school time was starting and there were lots of kids going to the train station nearby.

We got closer and:

Hello Lady Liberty! Its a much smaller scale then the one in New York, but it was still given to by the French to Japan. (Man how many of these things do they have???)

And last, a panorama of the Tokyo Skyline

After all that walking we went back to the hotel to recoup and then we went to the electronics district, Akihabara, to do some shopping. I didn’t take any photos because I was in amazement. We went at night just like the picture below and it was neon lights everywhere. Although a word of caution: I am not sure of the legality of some of these items and services (yes services) . Purchase at your own risk.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

That pretty much did it for Day 5. One more day an then it was time to go home!

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