Tokyo Day 4

Since most of my energy was focused on Disney the first two days, we really didn’t have time to explore anything else. The rest of our trip was to visit all the “Tourist” locations: Temples, Shrines, Shopping District(s).

Day 1- Travel Day, we left the states on a Sunday and we arrived Monday night.

Day 2- DisneyLand Tokyo
Day 3- DisneySea

Day 4- Temple Day/Ueno/Imperial Palace

Day 5- Odiba Area/Trendy Locations
Day 6- ‘Nerd Day’ Pokemon Center, Sony Tower
Day 7- Travel Day, arrived Sunday morning state side.

Day 4 was rainy. I did pack 1 umbrella because Weather Channel said it could rain while we were there.  And let me tell you, Arizona umbrellas do NOT stand up to Japan rain. Christian bought him a big one so he could take it back with him, and I had my personal sized one and this awesome water repellent jacket.

I am pretty sure we walked well over 4 miles at our Temple Run (hehe) There was Temple Row next to our train station so we just thought it would be a good idea to walk. Perfectly, our handy guide book had a ’90 minute Walking Tour’ for that area. 90 Minutes ended up being about 4 hours.

We left at about 630 in the morning, we seemed to not get into that time zone until our last day. We visited so many places I have fogotten all but my favorite, Nezu Shrine. That was out last stop on the trip and by then all the workers were coming out of the different areas of the shrine. It was really neat to see,also was the most photogenic of all the Shrines.

The Cemetery in which we walked.





Imperial Gardens

Imperial Palace

Tokyo Station. Built in the 1940s, it has a hotel in it. It is super long and the architecture is so different then the modern skyscrapers behind it.

After all that walking I needed to rest my poor feet! Ate at a restaurant near the hotel and called it a night! Early wake up for the next day too!

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8 Responses to Tokyo Day 4

  1. Mel. says:

    Fantastic. We’re due there in April, with an itinerary that’s pretty much a dead ringer for what you guys are up to: this is a really sweet primer, as far as what to expect!

    • Oh! Are you going to see the Sakura Trees blossom? That was the only bad part was that it wasn’t spring! Hope you have a blast, and bring comfy shoes!


      • Mel. says:


        That’s the plan: however, the fact that nobody can really give us a precise answer on when the heck we should be there this year (I’ve got projections ranging from April 4th to the 18th) should make for a fun little “shell game.” Regardless, the opportunity to hit up DisneySea and Tokyo DL is just too much to resist, especially after seeing your posts about it.


  2. girlychristina says:

    Wow! What pretty pictures! I mean, you guys can sell these photos to make a calendar =) LOL. Even though it was rainy, you still looked really cute! ❤

  3. Cool pics! Artistic eye!

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