Tokyo Trip-DisneyLand and DisneySea

This is going to be a quick gloss over of the trip. Any additional questions I would be glad to answer!

Our itinerary essentially went a bit like this and I will be covering Days 2 &3:

Day 1- Travel Day, we left the states on a Sunday and we arrived Monday night.
Day 2- DisneyLand Tokyo
Day 3- DisneySea
Day 4- Temple Day/Uneo/Imperial Palace
Day 5- Obiba Area/Trendy Locations
Day 6- ‘Nerd Day’ Pokemon Center, Sony Tower
Day 7- Travel Day, arrived Sunday morning state side.

Originally we were going to be in country for 2 full weeks but we had to cut it short. If we had the extra time we were going to venture outside Tokyo into the mountain areas. We really wanted to go to Mt. Fuji, but there is always next time.

Let me say that the Japanese people are fantastic. Our luggage was left at SFO so we didn’t get our luggage until Wednesday night, and the gentleman who helped us was so patient in explaining what was going on. They delivered it to our hotel room, a least 45 minutes away from the airport! Anyways, most of the younger crowd and those in tourism and transportation know enough English. If you can bring a book that has what you are looking for they are more then accommodating in helping you out.

It is a culture shock for sure, but for me it was a welcome one. Most men are in suits or in school uniforms (which are some variation of suits) No saggy pants or baseball caps to be found. The women are almost always in skirts or dresses and they were opaque tights at all time. ALL TIMES. No cleavage, no butt cracks. It was kind of refreshing to not see that.

Anyways, our first day was Disneyland Tokyo. It was set up just like Disneyland in Anaheim or Orlando, just with a few different rides and such. I was actually impressed with the food. It was really good and different than the Americas: Tropical fruit popsicle, soy sauce popcorn (which had a line for 30 minutes. To get popcorn.) Curry at the restaurants. My favorite was the mickey shaped burger buns

Popcorn LINE!

Next was DisneySea. Now, if you ever find yourself a Disney Fan and in Tokyo, GO HERE. They have tickets for after 6 pm (they parks are open until 10 most nights) for $33! We went all day. This park is all about water mainly. Ariel has a whole Underground area with rides and a show. Some rides, like Alice’s Tea Cups, got converted to Ariel’s ride. Aladdin and Indiana Jones lived here too.

We had lunch at Restaurant Sakura which served Japanese food. (I wanted to ease into the unknown, and I trust Disney). We had Pork-Rice Rolls (Bacon wrapped rice) and Sea Salt Ice Cream in the shape of Ariel’s, um, shells. Yum.

Dinner was at the Buffet over by the US Columbia. That was really good too.

I got a few pictures here and there, I was a bad blogger. Mainly I was trying to have fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I don’t know about soy sauce rice though.

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