Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup

A girlfriend of mine came over this morning/afternoon to play with makeup! She brought over the Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup Kit. I have never tried airbrush makeup before so this was a first! It was awkward at first holding onto the tattoo looking device, but by the end I felt more comfortable. I started with the moisturizer, 3 coats of foundation, blush, highlighter, and for giggles; bronzer.

Here is my BEFORE picture. Don’t be scared!

Overall my opinion was that it was fairly idiot proof! If you find the right shade, hold it about 12″ from your face and go in circle motions,  you should get a really flawless looking application. We figured a few things they could improve on.

1) Label the top of the bottles so we can easily see what it is. Got confusing with having to pick them up and put them down to find what we were looking for.

2) Would it be possible for a pressure button vs a valve? It wasn’t as sensitive, or maybe I wasn’t as gentle as I should be. I think a pressure sensitive button at the natural placement of your thumb when holding it would be more beneficial.

We didn’t pick out the colors that came with the set as we were sort of borrowing (read: keeping until she wants it back) this from my friend’s mom, but we worked with what we could.  I think these colors would look a little orange on most people. I was afraid I was going to come out looking like Snookie, but the lightest shade (third in from the left) is what I eventually decided would work best as my foundation.

We intended this to be a makeup/hair day and after we both had played with the airbrush machine we started with my favorite… Makeup! I had to snap a picture. My whole kitchen counter was covered in makeup. Check out the damage we did when combining our makeup collections.

I just love the colors in the set my friend has, perfect! You could create so many looks with them. I didn’t think they would be all that pigmented, but boy! I was wrong!

Here is a close up of my finished look, combining some of her makeup finds and mine.

Super up close look of the makeup.

Now I have been  up and down through pinterest over the last few weeks looking for easy up dos. Now the tutorials that I find on Pinterest might be sweet and all, but I find that my thicker hair does NOT like all the easy updo/messy buns. Like my friend put it, I end up with rat tails! My hair sticks out in odd places and never looks flowing and effortless like it does in the pictures. I tried to recreate this. But go so fed up with it, I just did a messy/twisted back bun. I don’t think it’s horrible, but it’s not Pinterest worthy lol!

I hope you guys had a good weekend! Any new makeup finds or things to share? let us know!

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One Response to Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup

  1. What will they think of next? Hollywood for the masses. Will it work on varicose veins?? Hummmm

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