Urban Decay NAKED3

This is torture! I just saw the pictures for the rumored/now confirmed Urban Decay Naked 3. I am in total makeup geek mode and I cannot wait to get it!!

This is sort of a sweet moment for me. Urban Decay’s original NAKED palette was the breakthrough for me into the grownup makeup world. It all started with a Christmas gift a few years ago from my sister no less! I have used it nearly everyday since. The only colors I have hit pan on are ‘Virgin’ and ‘Sin’. They’re the lightest/highlight colors at the beginning of the row. I’ve only recently figured out how to use the darker shades without looking like I got punched in the face.

The below image is from http://www.natacha-birds.fr/leblog/naked3-urban-decay/


There’s a pink tone to it. It’s sophisticated. It’s… something I got to have! Now! Can’t wait to find out when it’s really available, this will be on my Christmas list now for sure!

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4 Responses to Urban Decay NAKED3

  1. lollclarke says:

    Argh, it looks amazing!!xx

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  3. katylove1990 says:

    Thank you so much for linking me! 🙂

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