Mad Men Photoshoot

I talked about a Mad Men photo shoot just a little bit ago; here. The pictures are in! It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had in a while. I hope to do it again soon. 🙂 Take a moment to look at these photos and let me know what you think. Brenna is an amazing photographer. Her blog of this photo shoot is here. Please click it!! And… If you’re living in the Goldsboro, NC area look her up for your photo needs! Let her know LoLo sent you!

(All photos in this blog today are the amazing works of Brenna of Brenna Wolfe Photography)

“Mad Men: Flight 1 (#2.2)”

Joan Holloway: People should not bring their personal problems into the office.
Peggy Olson: I agree.
Joan Holloway: Is it so hard to just leave everything at the door and just do your job?
Peggy Olson: I look forward to it.
Joan Holloway: They can’t stand it. They’ll drag you into the garbage out there. They just want you to be as miserable as they are.

I say let them have it. 

“Mad Men: Three Sundays (#2.4)”

Betty Draper: You take no responsibility for anything that goes on in this house.
Don Draper: I pay the bills, put clothes on your back, your damn stables.
Betty Draper: Don’t you dare. I’m here all day. Alone with them, outnumbered.
Don Draper: What about Carla? Doesn’t she count?
Betty Draper: It’s not her job to raise our children! I’m here, and then you come home and get to be the hero.
Don Draper: You want me to bring home what I got at the office today? I’ll put you through that window.

“Mad Men: Signal 30 (#5.5)”

Don Draper: Let’s make a baby.
Megan Draper: No, that’s impossible.
Don: What? Isn’t that how this works?
Megan: A baby gets you going?
Don: Pull over. This brassiere is like Fort Knox.

I hope you enjoyed a look into my weekend with these lovely ladies and gent! It happened right around the weekend after Halloween and I had a party to go to that night. I continued wearing my dress into the night because I didn’t want it to end!

What were you for Halloween?? Share if you can!

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