Favorite Things: October

Here over in Casa WC there are some things that I have been really into this month. Lets take a look.


1. Pandora. I love Pandora. Mainly because I love listening to music as I get ready because it helps be gauge my time left. But recently my stations have been on point. It was especially great for Disney songs to get me pumped for our Disney Vacation.

2. Diet Shasta Creme Soda. Now, normally I am not a person who has soda in the house. Besides the expense of it, Christian and I only drink it for things like pizza or fried chicken. So when I got a craving for some butterbeer (which was due to the fact that I had been watching Harry Potter for 18 hours prior) I decide to create my own. Now this seems to be my go to grab for something sweet if it catches my eye at the store.

3. Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte. This is a re find for me. I had this in a little kit in my car for touch ups and I decided to get it out and use it. Wow. No wonder it is one of the top Smashbox products.I love that it isn’t shimmery at all and blends really well.

4. Neutral/Cat Eyes. I have been super into doing a neutral eye. Like, that’s my jam. I have been loving to messily putting my black liner on, then using an eyeshadow brush to smudge it out into a cat eye. Not as harsh as the liquid and it always makes me feel pretty and put together.

5. Halloween/Nightmare Before Christmas. I can not go through a October post without mentioning my love of Halloween and this movie. I watch it all the time and the songs are so catchy they stick in my head regardless of the season. Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING comes out this month and I am on that super fast. Favorite pie: you guessed it, Pumpkin. I LOVE it. Christian oddly enough loves the Pumpkin Spice Frap from Starbucks so I have gotten that for him a few times this month.


So that’s it! A few of my favorite things that have been going on this month. Now I got to start getting my porch ready for the trick or treaters this year. I am going to offer the parents some Caramel Apple Cider this year. The perks of having worked at Starbucks!

Much Love,


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One Response to Favorite Things: October

  1. Kris Mitchell says:

    You two are a few of my favorite things. See u Fri.!!!!

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