Chalkboard Door

Getting on the chalkboard train. Better late then never?

For this not-so-original installment I am painting the back of my kitchen door. Not because I am going to put a weekly menu up there. (it would literally read ‘lean cuisine and poptarts’ everyday) Anyways, its because Malfoy LOVES to lay there while I am at work and it tends to look dingy even after I get the Magic Eraser on it. Dirty Dog.

So while picking up a ceiling fan from Lowes, I may have tricked Christian and put this in the cart.

There are so many great tutorials on the web about painting doors and such so I am just going to breeze through that.

After reading the instructions and seeing it was just like regular paint, I went and got to town. I really did nothing to the door before hand besides use a Magic Eraser and then a light sanding.

I didn’t take off the door handle and hinges because I can just paint around it.

Coat One:

Valspar recommends waiting one hour in-between coats. So that one hour ended up being three episodes of Parks and Recreation.

Coat Two and Final Coat.

I love the way black interior doors look and this is a really great black. Christian was definitely unsure until the final coat. Now he loves the black doors and wants to do the rest! ( I won’t stop him, thats for sure)

What I really want to use on the door:

I used these bad boys to create the boards in Starbucks, so while they are initially expensive these things are awesome. The color pay off is amazeballs. But for now, I just used regular old chalk.

After getting the door primed by rubbing chalk all over it, a quick 5 minute doodle gave me this.

I could use it from Halloween all the way until Christmas. Got to love multi tasking decorations!

Have you put a chalkboard on anything lately?

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2 Responses to Chalkboard Door

  1. My neighbor did her pantry door. It got me thinking. Looks good with only 2 coats! Hummmm….

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