Online Photo Editors

Do you have a photo that you want to edit but don’t have a program like Photoshop? Prefer something a little more user friendly? I used to use Picnik. It was an awesome program that literally did everything I wanted in an online photo editing program. It must’ve been really good because it attracted attention from Google. Google acquired Picnik in 2010 and it finally shut it’s website down sometime last year. It’s still available through Picasa and Google+ but it’s not the same and I can’t bring myself to use it. It’s probably a mental thing, but I’ve moved on to find some other online photo editors I like so I wanted to share them!

Here’s my list of go-tos:


Do you have an image that you want to do some Photoshop-Esq techniques too but don’t want to pay the $650 price tag for the program? Try Pixlr. It looks very similar in lay out to the classic Photoshop (I stopped using Photoshop after Photoshop CS2 if that gives you an idea). It looks something like this.

A lot of the keyboard shortcuts are similar to Photoshop so if you’re a past user of Photoshop family this will feel pretty smooth. A downside I’ve noticed is that the undo option only goes about 15 moves backwards. To be expected for a free online copy-cat so if you’re looking to edit a big project this might not be for you.


This one is my current favorite. It’s easy to use, has tons of options, and it looks pretty! It even has an awesome name. BeFunky! You have more filters to play with than most sites. I have yet to even play with them all. You can add fonts, borders, and even themed stickers. I currently use this one for all of my blogging photos. It’s quick, and I need that after a long day at work. You can also connect to Facebook and either pull from your photos or upload directly from their site. It even has a built in Facebook Cover crop so you can get it just right! No membership or email to put in. You can click on “Get Started” and do just that.


PicMonkey is jam packed with options. It’s usually themed for holidays and special occasions. There are some features on here I really like. The galaxy overlay would be really neat with some photos. It has the classics and the effects growing in popularity. TONS of filters. But there is a problem: you have to sign up for a membership before you can use all of them. They call it their ‘Royale membership’. You can choose the monthly plan, at $4.99 a month, or the annual plan, at $33 a year. I’m frugal to the max and won’t pay for an online editing tool that isn’t Photoshop, but don’t get me wrong… There are still tons of filters, stickers, and effects you can use without being a ‘Royale’ member. I still find myself stumbling on a really cool one and getting bummed that I’d have to be a Royale member to save the effect. Boo. Check it out and see if there is something in the freebies you love, or even get a membership if it speaks to you.

Hope you found a new site to try!

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