Cat Door

Caution: I am talking about animal bodily functions. You have been warned.

My dog has a dirty little secret: he loves cat poop. Luckily for him he lives in a house where two cats live. Sadly, dogs shouldn’t eat cat poop and therefore I needed to do something about it.

For the past three years the cats litter has been self inclosed/tucked in a corner in which only cats sized animals could get through. After Crookshanks had emergency bladder surgery, he was not having the enclosed space any longer. He would constantly pee outside the litter box, and I even caught him going in the kitchen once. So I took the lid of the cat box and all was better in the world. Until I noticed that there wasn’t as much cat poop in the pan. And then my parents saw Malfoy sneaking out of the laundry room.


I tried everything from tying the door handle to the closet handle so only cats could get in (Malfoy got in, but could not get out, and subsequently locked himself in there) To putting heavy items on the back so he couldn’t push the door. (That worked real well too..)

Malfoy also has a weird weakness. He is oddly aware of himself. He won’t jump on couches or beds unless invited, and even invited he wont jump up until he knows he won’t squish you. So there has to be a safe place for him to land. Most other dog just glomp where ever, but not Malfoy.

So I put up a barrier. At first it was chairs, and that worked really well but it was a hassle for me to get in and out of the laundry room. Then I found this big piece of canvas and up it has been propped for the past, oh, 5 months.

canvas door 2

But now he has realized that he can indeed jump over the canvas too! So now something more permanent needs to happen.

Enter Cat Door.

Or more accurately, cut a hole in the door for the cats.

My husband started by taking the door off its hinges. Just took a thinner shaft screwdriver and a hammer to pop the hinges out.


Then I measured the cats. Really I did. They are fat.

Since he was working from two different angles this time, I didn’t have him pre drill any holes (like my Monster Teeth) to turn the jig.

cutting out

My doors are hollow-core so we had to trim them out with some spare 1 x 2

wood filler

Ugh. Wood filler never looks nice.

After sanding it down, I needed to get this thing hung. My dog free roams durring the day while I am at work. No free poop for him!

I am not sure what color these doors are. My best guess is that is it SW Swiss Coffee, like all my trim work is, but that requires a paint brush and nope. I just took a microfiber cloth too it to get the dust off, and got the left over spray paint from the Teeth. BAM. Good enough for cats.

rehung door

Now I can sleep better at night knowing Malfoy won’t be getting any sort of late night snacks. Sorry puppy.



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One Response to Cat Door

  1. what a great idea! How are the cats liking it? Malfoy looks sad!

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