East Coast: Halloween Decorations

The weather has been so dreary lately but this weekend is our best bet to put up our Halloween decorations before the kids come through.

This is our first Halloween being on base housing. There are going to be a LOT of kids coming through compared to previous places we’ve lived. We put most of our money towards lights and a few towards decorations. We’ve already spent $45 alone in candy and we’re told that we’ll be through it within the first hour of trick-or-treating.

I think I will call him Steve

 I can’t wait for our annual pumpkin carving party!! Well I hope we can do it again this year. Everyone is always so busy, but would love to have a big group at the house and eat lunch and decorate pumpkins. Complete with Halloween movies, “spider” pizza, and don’t forget Caramel Apple Cider.

3 LARGE pumpkins! Bigger than my head!

Aren’t they cute?? I’m afraid to leave them outside at night. Although I feel like we live in a safe community I’m still not sure that the teenagers won’t come and try to break them in the night. Hey we were all kids once, right? We’ll try to remember to bring them in at night, but I think they’re perfect! Hubby is particular and has to have pumpkins with the long stems. They do look better!

Meet Skelly the Skelleton

So although we don’t have the elaborate haunted house that my husband would prefer, I feel like we got the Halloween spirit at our house for the least amount of money spent. Have you decorated already for this Halloween season? I’d love to see your decorations or hear about your Halloween traditions!

East Coast Decorations

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