Coming Home

Hey guys, Stephanie here, I might be a little silent on the blogging front here for the next week or so. But its for a great reason!

My Hubby is COMING HOME!

He is coming home for his mid-tour for two weeks and then we are vacationing in Tokyo for the last 2! Is that not super exciting?! I haven’t physically seen him for 6 months, with just Skype and Facebook talking. Both my computer and my phone have duel clocks showing Korea Time/Phoenix Time so I know when he is working and when he is able to talk. I can’t wait to pick him up on Sunday, I know he is excited to see me too but I think he just wants In-n-Out!

We had to do some last minute scrambling because, hey, its the military, but I will take what I can get you know?

But this doesn’t mean that I will be totally silent on the blog front, I have a HUGE list of renos that I would like his help with. Good thing he likes to build too, otherwise it would be a sad day for all.

Things for the Hubster to do:

FINISH TRIM ON FLOORS! that may or may not have been there for the past year.

RIP OUT MASTER CLOSET. horribly inefficient builder basic.

INSTALL NEW CUSTOM CLOSET. as in totally custom.

PICK OUT MASTER FURNITURE. we are rocking the naked bed frame look.

ENJOY NEW BACK YARD. s’mor season is in full swing!

CUDDLE. and cuddle. and cuddle. and cuddle…

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