Monster House

Halloween is still going strong over here! Like I shared in this post, my house is a prime candidate to become a monster house. While originally I wanted the teeth to go all the way across the roof I had realized that people would be able to walk under the teeth and I was not giving him stumpy teeth.

I am a visual person so I always draw things out before I go to full-scale. To get an idea of the size I needed I measured the rails on the front porch and went to town.

<Insert photo>

I just so happened to have a full sheet of plywood leaning on the garage wall. All I knew is that I wanted 2 incisors and 3 teeth and I just free-handed that baby. Besides, whose teeth are perfectly pointy?

Got out my jigsaw and whompwhomp I forgot to charge the battery the night before!Monster House

So I started to work on my window clings to kill some time while my batteries charged. After they were charged I took my drill and my biggest bit and drilled some holes in the places where there were corners that I needed to change directions with my jig saw.

Monster House


Monster House

Blog Fail, I did not get a picture of it all cut out, but I am sure you can use imagination to see it.

I realized that I did not have primer like I though I did and had to go to good old Lowes for some paint. While I was there I got some chain and eye bolts for, well, the eyes.

And here is the first part of him, blood and all.

Monster HouseSince it is known to get pretty windy in my neck of the woods I took some cup hooks that you would screw into the wall, and attached it to the back, then I zipped tied him to two rails. While it’s not going to withstand a hurricane, it will survive a few gusts.


I am still trying to figure out what to put as his eyes. My friend suggested beach balls. I think that might be my cheapest bet. I wonder if they have any of those Visine Red Eye balls still. I wouldn’t even have to paint an eye on it!

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