Makeup Test: Urban Decay

I got an exciting email this morning! Urban Decay is having their friends and family sale now through Saturday night at midnight. 20% off everything on the website! Even the sales!

I’ve been an avid fan of Urban Decay of Urban Decay for a while. My sister fueled this passion when she gave me the original NAKED palette for Christmas a few years ago. I have honestly used it in some way in almost every eye makeup look.

I use it a lot for my eyebrowns, and for being a redhead my eyebrows are really dark. I use Darkhorse and a lip liner brush (don’t judge me!) to fill them in.  Let’s use an Instant Eyedropper to find out how close I actually am to color

Here is my face.

Okay, So I don’t look the best right after a shower where I haven’t fully taken off my make up yet. Looking PAST that and check out the Eye Doppler of my eyebrow. It’s the color #57243e. Which in Hex Color terms comes out to the color:

This is the NAKED palette from Urban Decay that I’m currently using.

I took an eyedropper of the Darkhorse pixels and it gave me #7d5a3f. Look at this color!

#7d5a3f color image

It totally doesn’t look right. It looks wrong, almost blond!

I took a pixel of the Hustle color and it gave me #78504a

#78504a color image

This one looks a bit closer. I might have to be trying this one instead. I’ll let you know how it goes!

For comparison side by side. My eyebrow color Hex Color with Urban Decay’s Darkhorse and Hustle

 vs #7d5a3f color image

(What I use currently)

 vs #78504a color image

(What I’m going to try)

Any redheads with dark eyebrows (I know we’re a rare breed) have tips or suggestions on what eyebrow liner to wear??

This is my look this morning with the Hustle color. Too dark? I know I need my eyebrows done bad. I haven’t found a place yet to get them waxed since my salon friend has moved away!


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