DIY: Window Clings

Getting into the Halloween groove here at Casa WC.

For years I have the drippy gel ‘blood’ window clings, and they were great. Until I had a larger window to put them on. It looked a little more Fun House than Scary House and when they finally bit the dust last year I have been on the look out for something to replace them.

Either my Wal-mart no longer carries these things, or people in Arizona really love their window clings. The ones I did find, alas, were too short.

Pinterest showed me that you could make your own pretty cheaply and easily.

What you need

parchment paper

puffy paint

And that’s really it. You don’t even need artistic creativity as you can print off photos to trace. This makes an excellent kiddo activity, though patience is needed as they take a bit to dry. Or you can do like I did and start in the morning and by afternoon put them up!

Step 1: Gather Supplies


Fun Fact: Wal-mart did not have puffy paint. Wait, correction, they had orange and pink…thanks a bunch. I also wasn’t sure whether or not puffy or slick would work better so I got them both.

I put my roll of parchment paper down on a flat surface and then drew a rough outline of my drippy blood.

Step 2: Draw

Blood OutlineAfter I saw how it kinda looked a little sad on the right I added to it.

Step 3: Fill In

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI put a big old line and took a small craft brush and filled it in. You also could just squeeze the bottle and fill it in slowly that way, but I think know its a lot more work.


Step 4:Wait

Step 5: Attach to Window

Now, this could be a 2 person job because mine was rather large. But, going to the gym is finally paying off and my guns only hurt a little after I was done.


Starting off, I just stuck the corner down and then would do each ‘drip’ as I got to it. As I neared the end I found that taking the drips off first, sticking them down, THEN taking the top off made everything a little smoother. Thatswhatshesaid.

The alternate title for this post is ‘How Lazy Can Stephanie Be’.

This lazy:

I just painted it on. It may come off, it may not I will let you know. Either way, Nightmare Before Christmas rocks. So this DIY could really be get some puffy paint and doodle on your windows; because who doesn’t love doodling?

My monster teeth are coming along, so look for a post on that soon! Halloween is creeping up!

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