NYX Haul

First off I want to let you all know that we didn’t go on hiatus! Well we kind of did, but we have a really really good excuse! West Coast and I were together in Orlando, FL at DisneyWorld last week. I’ll update you in a second post about what we did, but it was a BLAST! Part of Stephanie’s visit included a sister shopping spree on the way to the airport ( boo!! ). Ulta is having a really great deal on NYX, Revlon, Neutrogena & Almay. If you’re interested in these deals, act fast, they expire after Saturday October 5th!

NYX happens to be my favorite brand right now. I think you get really good quality makeup for the price and 40% off makes the deal even sweeter. This is what I came away with from NYX:

* NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette. View online here.

*NYX Light Concelear Stick (Waterproof). View online here.

*NYX Love in Florence Eyeshadow Palette in Prima Donna. View online here.

*NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer. View online here.

This is my first time swatching products so pardon me if it’s a little hard to tell. I hope to get better in the future! I’ve swatched the natural palette with naked skin (bare with nothing on it) and then primed with the HD Studio Primer).

You get more of the shimmer on the primed (right) side of the hand versus the non-primed. The colors are also richer and cover more skin before fading. I only pressed into the powder and pulled my finger across the surface a few times before dragging on the skin. You can see the press and drag marks best from the dark swatch.

I also did swatches the same way for the Love in Florence pallet. I purchased the purple one because I have more purple in my closet and I’m getting ready for fall. 🙂

Overall I’m very impressed with the primer. It goes on thick and almost like glue (lots of reviews have said this) but if you warm it up to the skin and work it in it works perfect. Not quite the velvety feel of Smashbox, but definitely does the job. The sale price of $8.99 definitely fits my budget better than $49.00.

Do you use NYX? What’s your favorite product?

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2 Responses to NYX Haul

  1. budziak says:

    NYX lip glosses! They’re the perfect shades & consistency (and price.) I used to really like the studio foundation too but it doesn’t work with my skin in a humid area 😦

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    Great haul!

    – KW

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