About Me: East Coast

Earlier I was talking with Stephanie about my “About Me” page and I drew a blank. I sat there and went “uhhhh” and was quickly reminded of the internet sensation of the cute boy at the fair. “I like turtles”. Since I don’t know what about my life is all that interesting to people.. I’ll just share the bullets:

I am a…

Music Maniac (classical to Skrillex)
Animal Advocate (Adopt! Foster!)
Sports Spectator ( GO FALCONS! GO GATORS! )
Disney Dreamer (Ariel all the way)

I’ve had my black cat, Soup, for the last almost 8 years. He’s been with me through a lot and moved all around the country with me. My husband, JP, and I live in North Carolina. He’s active duty in the military and that means our lives are always up for sudden change. While this scares me, but it also excites me. I love traveling the world and even more so meeting new people. I’m currently working in a town nearby to help fuel my DIY and decorating budget. I’m pretty easy going and love to have a laugh. Stop by and say hi, stay a while even, we’d love to get to know you! Stay happy!

This a picture of myself and my black cat, Soup (complete with  laser eye).

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