About Me: West Coast

Hello all!

My name is Stephanie Mitchell and I am the Western half of the Sisters here. Currently residing in Phoenix, AZ as my husband and I are stationed at Luke. Lauren and I are always communicating crafty things with each other, and this is a great place to put them down for the world to see!

My home life consists of my Golden Retriver mix, Malfoy, and our two cats, Barney and Crookshanks (can you tell I love Harry Potter?) I LOVE watching marathoning shows on Netflix: especially BBC, Supernatural, Teen Wolf… practically anything. I’ll nerd out with you and I promise not to judge you for your ships 😉

I currently am in school for Interior Design and I love to get crafty and as I am currently in my first house, a lot of ideas are swirling around. I hope you find this blog worthy of your time, and I hope it keeps you interested! Thanks a bunch!

~West Coast Sister

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One Response to About Me: West Coast

  1. Katie Marie says:

    Your reasons for blogging are just like my own, I am always sharing something so thought a blog would be an excellent creative outlet. It’s a lot of work but worth it for me. Thanks for following Blush & Lace and welcome back to the blogging world. XO Katie

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