Mission: Our Blog Purpose

This blog was started today on a seemingly simple idea. How can two sisters, separated by 2,273 miles (who’s counting?), work on something creative together even with the distance? We text each other almost every day and are always sharing (what we think are) creative ideas. Why not put it on the internet and share it with everyone else? They let you put anything on the internet!!

East to West

My husband had mentioned that I would be good doing makeup tutorials and makeup videos online. I’m a little camera shy and would rather be behind the scenes but I still liked the idea of being able to share my ideas and thoughts with the world.

I tried a blog before and it worked for a while but I didn’t have the drive to complete entries. It wasn’t really pulling the creative side out of me. I think this time, in combination with creative efforts from my sister on the West coast, I might stick around. I hope you’ll join this adventure with us! Stay happy!

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